Feb 2, 2010

Explorers- 50 years -Toddy - Platinum - Diageo Decanter

The Adventurer
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Explorers The Royal Route

Explorers The Gold Route

Explorers The Spice Road

Johnnie Walker 1820 Decanter - A gift to employees to mark the 50 years of operation at the Kilmarnock distillery.

JOHNNIE WALKER TODDY Blended Scotch Whisky with natural flavours. Bottled for the US market. 1.75 litre 12% volume 

Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 years 500ml Asia
Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 years 70cle
Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 years 750ml First Production Asia 
 Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 years 1lt
 Johnnie Walker Platinum Isla Margarita

 Diageo Thank You Hill Street Decanter

Jan 15, 2010

White Label

Decanters: 1820 - 21 Years - Black Millenium - Black Collectors

No longer available for the public: 1. 1820 a blend with blue label and black label Launched 2000 Japan and
1820 tasting sample. 2. 21 Years Launched 1998 Limited edition South East Asia . 3. Black Millenium, 4. Black Collectors Edition.

Two versions of the 21 Years No and No., also different at the back!


Honour: Launched 1992
Taiwan/Duty Free


Johnnie Walker Deco – a very limited number of 350ml bottles were produced in beautiful Art Deco-designed bottles, hence the name of this blend.
Launched 1998 Duty Free


Quest: Launched 1997
Asia Pacific Duty Free


Mortlach - 12 years old 
Bottlers: John Walker & Sons ltd.
Cowie family sells to John Walker & Sons Ltd
Important contributor to Johnnie Walker blends.


Excelsior – a very rare double matured Scotch whisky, distilled in 1947, bottled in 1997


Liquer:Launched 1992 USA