Jan 15, 2010

Directors Blend

This is are JW bottles only for the Directors of Diageo

2013 #265 of 568
2012 #469 of 500
2011 #415 of 450
2010 #288 of 450
2009 #501 of 504
2008 #149 of 450

  • 2008 – Inspired by the discovery of a small parcel of forgotten casks that highlight Diageo’s stocks of rare and flavoursome spirit, as well as the importance of balancing old and young whisky in a blend.
  • 2009 – An exploration into the typically smoky finish of the Johnnie Walker range, offering insights into the use of peated whiskies and focusing on bold flavours.
  • 2010 – A look at the mouthwatering fruitiness that accompanies the smoke of Johnnie Walker, generously using sherry casks for rich dried fruit and balancing that with fresh fruit flavours.
  • 2011 – A whisky designed around the oak casks used for maturation, combining the flavours found by using different styles of wood to produce a showcase of the versatility of Johnnie Walker.

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