Jan 15, 2010

Gold Reserve/Gold XR/ Gold XR 21

JW Gold Reserve Dynasty Bottle

JW Gols Resever 30 years Dubai Duty Free

Gold Reserve Gold

GOLD LABEL XR 21  Realease 2011 Duty Free India

GOLD LABEL XR Released 2010 Duty Free Singapore

Gold Reserve from Singapore and Thailand.This luxurious blend is sourced from the master blender’s private “Reserve” of our finest aged whiskies. Only when the master blender is completely satisfied that every drop of whiskey is worthy of its golden heritage does he apply his “Reserve” seal of approval.

Gold Reserve 75cl

Gold Reserve 1lt

Gold Reserve 750ml Screw from Guatemala


  1. Is this the gold label bottling before the current one? It has no age statement (ie. 18yrs) but rather has the word "Reserve".


  2. This ones are from this year but only for Singapore, and is from especial casks. Regards