Jan 15, 2010

White Label

Decanters: 1820 - 21 Years - Black Millenium - Black Collectors

No longer available for the public: 1. 1820 a blend with blue label and black label Launched 2000 Japan and
1820 tasting sample. 2. 21 Years Launched 1998 Limited edition South East Asia . 3. Black Millenium, 4. Black Collectors Edition.

Two versions of the 21 Years No and No., also different at the back!


Honour: Launched 1992
Taiwan/Duty Free


Johnnie Walker Deco – a very limited number of 350ml bottles were produced in beautiful Art Deco-designed bottles, hence the name of this blend.
Launched 1998 Duty Free


Quest: Launched 1997
Asia Pacific Duty Free


Mortlach - 12 years old 
Bottlers: John Walker & Sons ltd.
Cowie family sells to John Walker & Sons Ltd
Important contributor to Johnnie Walker blends.


Excelsior – a very rare double matured Scotch whisky, distilled in 1947, bottled in 1997


Liquer:Launched 1992 USA

Old Harmony

Old Harmony:Launched 1983 Japan
Old Harmony 
Bottlers: John Walker & Sons ltd.
Category: Whisky - Blended
Volume: Vol.



1. Cardhu 12 years Italy; Cardu 5 years; Cardhu 12 years Japan
CARDHU - 12 years old 
Wax & Vitale import - Dumpy bottle - Clear glass - Cream label printed in  CARDHU - 5 years old 
Wax & Vitale import - Clear glass - Green label printed in black & gold with big distillery picture - Black screw cap

2. Cardhu 12 years
Cardhu - 12 years old 
Bottlers: John Walker & Sons ltd.
Category: Whisky - Malt
Country: Speyside
Volume: 40 Vol.
Capacity: 75 Cl.

3. Cardhu 12 years  1lt


1. Talisker 12 Years
Bottlers: Distillery
Category: Whisky - Malt
Country: Skye
Volume: 43 Vol.
Capacity: 75 Cl.

2. Talisker - 8 years old
Bottlers: Distillery
Category: Whisky - Malt
Country: Skye
Volume: 45,8 Vol.
Capacity: 75 Cl.

Directors Blend

This is are JW bottles only for the Directors of Diageo

2013 #265 of 568
2012 #469 of 500
2011 #415 of 450
2010 #288 of 450
2009 #501 of 504
2008 #149 of 450

  • 2008 – Inspired by the discovery of a small parcel of forgotten casks that highlight Diageo’s stocks of rare and flavoursome spirit, as well as the importance of balancing old and young whisky in a blend.
  • 2009 – An exploration into the typically smoky finish of the Johnnie Walker range, offering insights into the use of peated whiskies and focusing on bold flavours.
  • 2010 – A look at the mouthwatering fruitiness that accompanies the smoke of Johnnie Walker, generously using sherry casks for rich dried fruit and balancing that with fresh fruit flavours.
  • 2011 – A whisky designed around the oak casks used for maturation, combining the flavours found by using different styles of wood to produce a showcase of the versatility of Johnnie Walker.


150th Anniversary: success of unique blend produced to celebrate the 150th anniversary of John Walker & Sons in 1970 – packaged in a glass decanter – it was recreated in limited quantities in 1985 & made available for sale – it came in a presentation bottle with a crystal decanter in a wooden display box


Launched 1991 South East Asia

Premier red H.K.D.N.P.
Premier black 1Lt
Premier black
Premier black Honk Kong
Premier red
Premier red Limited Edition (just in Dutty Free available) 2008

JW Cola